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Baldwin Papers


Papers and correspondence of Ernest Hubert Francis Baldwin, 1930-1970.

The main deposit includes biographical papers, largely documenting Baldwin's academic career from 1934 onwards, including his appointment to the Chair of Biochemistry at University College London, 1950; correspondence, 1951-1968, including personal correspondence and exchanges with scientific colleagues; documentation on Baldwin's research, especially in notebook form, comprising notebooks, 1930-1933, including material documenting Baldwin's work at Cambridge with Dorothy Mary Moyle Needham, Joseph Needham and John Yudkin, a continuous sequence of ten notebooks documenting his research, 1934-1948, and notebooks kept at Woods Hole, 1948, and at Scripps, 1956-1957; extensive material relating to publications, lectures and broadcasts, illustrating Baldwin's role as writer and lecturer on biochemical matters; drafts and correspondence relating to his principal biochemical texts such as 'Dynamic Aspects of Biochemistry' and 'The Nature of Biochemistry'; documentation relating to public and invitation lectures and extensive teaching material prepared for his biochemistry courses at Cambridge and University College London, showing signs of revision and rearrangement, and evidence that they were used in the preparation of some of Baldwin's books; material on visits and conferences, 1948-1965, much of it documenting Baldwin's visits to the USA to attend conferences, give lectures at academic institutions, undertake research and take up visiting professorships; a little printed material on the First International Congress of Biochemistry at Cambridge in 1949.A supplementary deposit comprises biographical material, including documentation on the award of the 1952 Cortina Ulisse Prize by Edizioni Scientifiche Einaudi for the Italian edition of Baldwin's 'Dynamic Aspects of Biochemistry'; photographic materials, including two photograph albums recording the visit to Italy during which he received the Cortina Ulisse award and a group photograph of the participants at the Third International Congress for Experimental Cytology, held at Cambridge in 1933; a small amount of material relating to Baldwin's classic biochemical texts, especially royalty statements; material on visits and conferences, including Baldwin's notes of his visit to the USSR for the All-Union Congress of Physiologists and Biochemists held in Kiev, 1955; additional material relating to Baldwin's visiting professorships in the USA for 1956-1957 (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) and 1965 (University of Kansas).





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Title Photographic material
Date1 1926-c1965

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