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Bethell Collection


The collection chiefly consists of Bethell's literary and human rights work regarding Eastern Europe, especially Albania, Poland, the Soviet Union including Russian prisoners of war in Afghanistan. The collection also includes lobbying he undertook both as a Member of European Parliament and as a member of the House of Lords.

The papers include background material, notes, research and draft chapters and scripts for newspaper articles and for several of his literary works including 'Gomulka: His Poland and His Communism', 'The Great Betrayal', 'The Last Secret' and 'Russia Besieged 1941-1942'.


Albania: documents relating to 'The Great Betrayal' including background papers; Albania: human rights lobbying; Poland and Bethell's literary work 'Gomulka: His Poland and His Communism; the Soviet Union, including papers relating to 'The Last Secret'. 'Spies and Other Secrets' and Russian prisoners of war; the Soviet Union: literary work and articles; the Soviet Union: political situation and human rights including his visits to Afghanistan; the Soviet Union: individuals; Russia: political lobbying; personal papers; general papers and correspondence



Papers Relating to 'The Last Secret: the Delivery to Stalin of Over Two Million Russians by Britain and the US'


Papers relating to Bethell's work 'The Last Secret', regarding the forcible repatriation of over two million Russian men, women and children to the Soviet Union by the Allied forces at the end of the Second World War, published by Andre Deutsch Ltd in 1974. The book especially focuses on the fate of Cossacks who served in German divisions.

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Title Transcripts of BBC Radio and TV Broadcasts Based Upon 'The Last Secret'
Date1 1975


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