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Clarke Papers


The material in this collection covers the period 1963 to 2002, although the bulk of the material dates from the 1980s and 1990s. it is arranged as follows:

Section A - Biographical: Includes autobiographical material compiled and assembled in connection with her Personal Record as a Fellow of the Royal Society, a full curriculum vitae and an transcript of her video-tape interview for the Biochemical Society. There is also documentation of a number of the later honours she was accorded. Clarke's interest in school education in general and science teaching in particular, is documented, with papers relating to Deer Park School Cirencester of which Clarke was a Governor 1988-1999. Her concern for education is also reflected in her correspondence with local and national politicians, although other topics are covered including tobacco advertising and the treatment of asylum seekers.

Section B - Women in Science:
Documents both Clarke's interest in the historical contribution of women scientists, and her concern to ensure that more women became scientists and that their career prospects were the same as those of their male colleagues. The material, which includes correspondence, notes, printed reports and photocopied background material, was assembled by Clarke in connection with a number of specific activities: her 1991 lecture 'Women in Science at University College 1878-1978'; a Royal Society meeting on 'Women in Science and Technology:
opportunities for change?', 28 May 1993; her service on the Committee on Women in Science, Engineering and Technology established in 1993 by William Waldegrave MP, Minister for Public Service and Science, whose report The Rising Tide' was published in 1994; and a meeting on Women in Science at the Royal Society, 27 March 2001.
Section C - Publications and lectures:
Documents a few of Clarke's publications from the 1980s onwards. The largest components relate to her Royal Society Biographical Memoirs of colleagues Roger Yate Stanier and Malcolm Douglas Lilly and her entry on Muriel Robertson for the New Dictionary of National Biography. There is also an incomplete set of offprints of her work. Lectures material includes documentation of her 1979 Royal Society Leeuwenhoek Lecture 'Experiments in microbial evolution: new enzymes, new metabolic activities' and the 19th J.D. Bernal Lecture on 'New directions in biology: basic science and biotechnology', delivered at Birkbeck College London, 1988.

Section D - Societies and organisations:
Small section relating to eight UK and overseas organisations, including (UK) the British National Bibliographical Research Fund and the Royal Society, chiefly its Archives Working Group and Library Committee, and (overseas) the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia and the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong. The material spans 1975-2001.

Section E - Visits and conferences:
Covers some of Clarke's travel and attendance at meetings over the period 1971-1998, although the earlier entries are later (c 1998) typescript accounts compiled by Clarke from her diary entries. Of particular significance is the documentation of her visits to the Far East through the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, including Singapore, Malaysia (in connection with the Palm Oil Research Institute) 1990-1992, China and Hong Kong. There is also material relating to her involvement in two 1992 meetings marking the centenary of the birth of J.B.S. Haldane.

Section F - Correspondence:
This is the largest part of the collection. The bulk of this material was arranged by Clarke by group of correspondents and then further subdivided by individual correspondent, and it has been retained in this original order. There are groups of correspondence with her fellow researchers at University College London, with colleagues in the UK and with fellow scientists in the USA and Europe. Few correspondents are represented by extended exchanges of letters, the exceptions being R.E. Drew and B.W. Holloway. Other correspondents include S. Brenner, H.L. Kornberg, R.D. Sager and R.Y. Stanier.



Societies and organisations


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Title Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia
Date1 1989-1992

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