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Colonel Giles (Frank Lucas Netlam) Collection: The Albanian Frontier Commission


The papers chiefly cover Colonel Giles's service on the Albanian Frontier Commission, but the collection also contains papers from his time on the Yugoslav-Bulgarian International Boundary Commission and as a military attaché to Belgrade, Athens and Prague. The papers are primarily in English, with a smaller amount of French and other languages. The collection is arranged in 12 series as follows:

GIL/1 - reports relating to the Albanian Frontier Commission and the Serbo-Bulgarian Boundary Commission

GIL/2 - laissez-passers issued to Colonel Giles between 1922-1924 for travel in Europe

GIL/3 - diaries written by Colonel Giles between 1922-1924, and some pages from 1925

GIL/4 - Personal papers of Colonel Giles, relating to his time as Commissioner

GIL/5 - maps including series of 11 showing the course of the frontier between the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croates and Slovenes and Albania published by the Commission International de Délimitation 1922-1925 (Albanian Frontier Commission);

GIL/6 - road reports written by Colonel Giles in Yugoslavia and Albania 1922-1927 and Greece 1926

GIL/7 - folder entitled 'Doiran War Memorial 1928' regarding preparations for unveiling of the Salonika Army War Memorial at Lake Doiran (Dojran) 25 Sept 1926 (now Macedonia) including unveiling ceremony instructions

GIL/8 - articles describing lectures given by Colonel Giles

GIL/9 - Glass lantern slides showing commissioners travelling around the frontier region

GIL/10-12 - framed and mounted prints and photographs of the Frontier Commissions and certificates



Reports Relating to the Albanian and Serbo-Bulgarian Frontier Commissions


This series consists of several reports relating to the work of the Albanian Frontier Commision and to the course of Albania's borders. Three of the reports were produced by the Albanian Frontier Commission (GIL/1/3). The others were apparently used by Colonel Giles in his work for the Commission as well as a letter from Lieutenant Colonel AB Clough, who succeeded Colonel Giles as Britain's Commissioner, concerning technical aspects of the reports produced by the Commission.

Additionally, there are some published background materials on Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, presumably used by Colonel Giles during his time on the Serbo-Bulgarian Frontier Commission.

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Title Reports of the Albanian Frontier Commission (Commission Internationale de Délimitation des Frontières de L'Albanie)
Date1 1922-1926


Records included here:


Frontière Serbe, Croate, Slovène-Albanaise - Protocole de Délimitation (avec 10 Annexes) (Final Agreement on the Establishment of the Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian-Albanian Border)

26 Jul 1926



"Rapport Général sur la Marche des Travaux et Note sur le Foncionnement Technique de la Commission" (1922-1926) ('General Report on the Work and a Note on the Technical Functioning of the Commission')

17 Aug 1926



"Données des Points Trigonométriques ayant Servi pour les Levés et des Bornes Reliées au Réseau (1 croquis annexé)" (Particulars of the Trigonometric Points Serving for the Elevations and Locations of the Network of Boundary Stones]

17 Aug 1926



Letter from Lieut.-Col. AB Clough to Colonel Giles Regarding the Reports of the Albanian Frontier Commission


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