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AltRefNo GALTON/2/9/6/11/4/3
RefNo GALTON/2/9/6/11/4/3
Title Finger Imprints Vol. III
Date1 Feb 1891
StorageSite UCL Special Collections
Level Item
Extent 1 volume
CustodialHistory This volume was previously on loan at the Galton Museum and was returned to Special Collections in March 2013.

Album with fingerprints pasted in. Following on from volumes I and II, the first part of this volume contains many prints of families, including the Galtons and Darwins. All prints in the first section of this volume are identified by name rather than number, and many are annotated with the date they were taken. The first prints are Galton's own.

The second section of this volume contains fingerprints primarily of people with possible learning disabilities. Most are described as labourers but other occupations are also given. Includes family groups identified by number rather than name. Family relationships and perceived level of intelligence are noted.

The third section contains sets of prints from more named families and individuals. Includes the fingerprints of Prime Minister W E Gladstone and prints and signature of naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace. Also contains miscellaneous other prints, including the footprint of Sir W J Herschel, fingerprints of an orangutan with a covering letter, two photographs of a hand, and eight unidentified handprints on tracing paper.

Includes a photocopy of a letter from Archibald E Garrod to L S Penrose dated 23 August 1935, the original of which can be found in PENROSE/3/7/5. With an enlarged copy of Garrod's fingerprints.

Also includes a loose sheet of fingerprints of Marjorie Strachey and Philippa Strachey obtained by Margaret Penrose in 1961 as a follow-up to the original sets of prints taken in 1890.

Repository GB 0103
AccessStatus Open
AccessConditions The papers are available subject to the usual conditions of access to Archives and Manuscripts material, after the completion of a Reader's Undertaking.
ReproductionConditions Photocopies/photographs/microfilm are supplied for private research only at the Archivist's discretion. Please note that material may be unsuitable for copying on conservation grounds, and that photographs cannot be photocopied in any circumstances. Researchers who wish to publish material must seek copyright permission from the copyright owner.
CatalogueStatus Catalogued
Language English

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