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Title Breviary [Fragment]
Date1 13th Century?
StorageSite UCL Special Collections
Level Item
Extent 2 fragments

Two leaves, probably from a breviary, parchment. The leaves are from the same work but do not appear to be consecutive. Main body text in two columns in a Gothic textualis rotunda in dark brown ink. With embellished single-line capitals in the same brown ink, alternating red and blue 2-line capitals, red rubrics, red and blue initial words and two large historiated initials. The leaves have been cut for use as binding fragments with loss of text from the bottom and one side of both leaves.

Folio 1 has an 8-line historiated letter S, the left-hand edge of which is missing. It is worked in purple, blue and white. The lower half is decorated with a half human hybrid creature playing a bowed stringed instrument, possibly a rebec or lira. The tail of a similar creature is visible in the upper portion, and a hooded face. The illustrations are coloured purple, blue, green and pink. Folio 2 has an elaborately decorated 12-line initial N which is coloured purple, blue and green. Much of the decoration has been removed by paste but part of an animal's face, possibly a wolf, can be seen where the curve of the N meets the ascender.

Folio 1 has lessons based on homilies by the Venerable Bede on Luke, beginning "Surdus ille et mutus quem mirabiliter curatum a domino modo cum [evangel]ium legeretur...". These continue on the reverse.

Folio 2 begins with Luke 17:13 "[et levaverunt] vocem dicentes Ihesu praeceptor miserere nostri". This is followed by a homily from St Augustine's De sermone domini in monte secundum Mattheum, beginning "Nemo potest duobus dominis servire, ad hanc ipsam intentionem referendum est quod sequenter exponit dicens...". On the verso there is text from Augustine's Quaestiones in Evangelium Secundum Lucam starting at Quaestio XL: "[De] decem [lepros]is quos dominus [ita m]undavit cum ait [ite oste]ndite vos sacerdo[tibus m]ulta queri possunt...".

On folio 2 there is a picture of a king drawn in plummet in the central margin and the initials 'SM' in the outer margin. There is a pencil annotation 'C13' at the top of f.1r. Some corrections have been made to the text by a later user, including f.2r column B line 17 where the word 'impericiam' (imperitiam) has been corrected or repaired, and f.2r column A line 13 the word 'et' has been added. On f.2v there is an erasure in the middle of 'intentionem' which is split across lines 14-15 in column A.

Repository GB 0103
AccessStatus Open
AccessConditions The papers are available subject to the usual conditions of access to Archives and Manuscripts material, after the completion of a Reader's Undertaking.
ReproductionConditions Photocopies/photographs/microfilm are supplied for private research only at the Archivist's discretion. Please note that material may be unsuitable for copying on conservation grounds, and that photographs cannot be photocopied in any circumstances. Researchers who wish to publish material must seek copyright permission from the copyright owner.
CatalogueStatus Catalogued
Language Latin
RelatedImage1 Image of MS FRAG/LAT/4
Term Liturgical texts

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