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TitleConstitutional Records
DescriptionRecords regarding the constitution of the Trust, include Memorandum and Articles of Association, 1872-1992; Deeds of Trust, 1913-1947; and papers regarding amendments to the constitution of the Trust, 1894-1950.
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AdminHistoryThe constitution of the Girl's Public Day School Company Limited (GPDSC) was amended between 1875- 1900 to allow the Company to be legible for government grants and to release the organisation from the demands of its shareholders. In 1902, the Board of Education informed the Company that they would withdraw all grants if it remained a limited liability Company. The constitution was amended and in 1906 the Company was renamed The Girls' Public Day School Trust Limited, a limited company with charitable status. The new constitution also required that the Trust must be wound-up as a limited company by 1 January 1956 if they failed to buy the existing share capital.

From 1906-1950 the constitution was amended to prevent the closure of the Trust, including the creation of 'new' shares in 1913 to give the Council the authority to create 'new' shares which could be used to buy the existing share capital. From 1920 other amendments were made to make the Trust legible for 'higher grants' and later 'Direct Grants'. From 1946, the Council of the Trust worked on a reconstruction scheme which would satisfy the shareholders and for the trust to be recognised as an educational charity. The scheme was presented in March 1950 and was confirmed by an Order of the High Court on Justice in May 1950, saving the Trust from liquidation. Also a Lord Chancellor's licence was obtained for the Trust to act as a Trust Corporation.

The constitution was later amended to cater for the withdrawal of the Direct Grant in the 1970s, and the introduction and of the Assisted Place Scheme in the early 1980s.

From 1992-1993, the Trust effected a corporate reorganisation resulting in the division of the Trust's operations into two separate but connected charitable companies. The Girl's Public Day School Trust (1872), a company limited by guarantee, managed the property and investments, and The Girl's Public Day School Trust (GPDST) ran the operations of the schools.
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