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Reference Number GDS/14
DescriptionCorrespondence files regarding the properties of the Trust mainly regarding Town Planning Schemes and the Trust's reaction to the 1947 Town and Country Planning Act.
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AdminHistoryFrom the early 20th century, Acts were issued to try to control urban planning and allow Local Authorities to build housing. The 1932 Town and Country Planning Act allowed local authorities to register all properties within their districts and create zoned areas. Under the 1947 Town and Country Planning Act, all the Trust's properties were subject to income tax and development charges as it was a registered company. The Trust appealed against the charges as they believed their properties were exempt as they were held for charitable purposes. The case was dismissed as it was felt that a company with shareholders could only hold property for charitable purposes and would not make any profit. The 1947 Act also stated that existing properties could not be developed for any other purpose than the purposed they were used for when the Act was enforced. This caused the developmental value of the Trust's properties to drop and they received compensation from the Central Land Board, which had also been created by the act to monitor building developments. After World War II many urban authorities planned to completely regenerate areas of cities or town which had been damaged by the War or were unsanitary. Road widening schemes took land from some of the schools and others faced the possibility of being moved to a new site for the area to be redeveloped. In most cases the schemes had very little effect on the schools as many of the town planning schemes were never fully completed.
Related MaterialThe bulk of the records regarding property have been retained by the Trust. Correspondence sent to the Board/Ministry of Education on proposed property developments can be found in GDS/10/3-4. Papers regarding early building projects can be found in the minutes of the Sites and Building Committee, GDS/6/5. Papers regarding the work of the Building Fund Committee can be found in the minutes of the Finance Committee GDS/6/4.
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