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DescriptionPapers created by various committees of the Trust and its predecessors, including general notes on the structure of the committees; early committee books, 1872-1877; Education Committee papers, 1875-1983; Finance Committee papers, 1887-1938; Sites and Buildings Committee papers, 1877-1984; Examination Committee papers, 1884-1947; Teachers Committee papers, 1879-1939; Standing Committee of Head Mistresses and successors papers, 1965-1998; Junior Heads Committee papers ; other committee papers, 1969-1992; and files on external members of the committees, 1960-1978.
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AdminHistoryThe Council has been supported by committees who discussed major issues affect the administration of the Trust. Members of the committees were mostly from the Council but also included specialist external members. Initially the Company had 7 committees, finance committee. House Committee; School Committee; Standing Committee; Executive Committee; Sub-Committee; and Selection Committee. In 1875 the duties of these committees were transferred to the General Purpose Committee and a new Education Committee. In 1877 the General Purpose Committee was dissolved and the Finance Committee and Sites and Buildings Committee took over its work. The three committee structure remained the basis for the administration of the Trust until 1944. There were also several sub-committees and temporary committees who reported to the three main committees and the Council.

In August 1944, to comply with regulations for Direct Grants, all Committees of the Trust, except the Education Committee, were dissolved, though some were reconstituted after 1950.

In 1969 the committees of the Council were reorganised, their terms of reference defined and a development committee was established to discuss the future of the Trust in light of the discontinuation of the Direct Grant in 1975. Several sub-committees were created on the suggestion of the development committee.

From 1992-1993, the Trust effected a corporate reorganisation. The Council became the managing directors and the trustees of the charity. The Education Committee now reported to the new Finance and General Purposes Committee. All other committees were dissolved and were replaced by Property Committee and the Standing Advisory Committee which informed the Council of the opinions of staff on the administration.

Between 2000-2002 the committee structure was changed and committee structure included Heads with Officer Committee (HOC); Finance & Resources Committee (FRC); Development, Marketing & Communications Sub-Committees (DMC); Bursaries, Scholarships and Prizes Sub-committee (BSP); Schools Review Sub-Committee (SRC); Education and External Affairs Committee (EEAC); Investments Sub-Committee; and Property Sub-Committee.
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AccessConditionsAll unpublished administrative papers have been closed for 30 years. All papers containing personal data are subject to closure under the Data Protection Act.
Related MaterialReports and minutes of many of the Committees were also published in the Council Minute books (GDS/3/3).
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