StorageSiteUCL Institute of Education
Reference Number IE/PUB
TitleInstitute of Education Publications
DescriptionComprises the IOE's publications from its foundation to present day. Organised as follows:
Strategies and Corporate Plans
Annual reports (with supporting documentation)
Financial reports
Handbooks and Calendars (a precursor to the prospectuses)
Regulations and Syllabuses for courses
General information on the IOE
Publications of Departments and Centres
Publications regarding events
Student Publications (not Student Union publications)
Alumni Publications
Research Registers
Graduation Ceremonies
Course handbooks
Course publicity
General IOE publicity
Publications Catalogues
ArrangementThe publications were originally catalogued some time before 2007. In December 2007 the section was re-catalogued, series were retitited and new series were added. In January 2012 some sections of the section were transferred to the Library ULIE collection (full details are in the appraisal section). In March/April 2014 the whole section was recatalogued to better reflect the types of publications. All RefNos assigned during cataloguing in 2007 are recorded in the AltRefNo field.

During re-cataloguing in 2014 certain sections were removed from the Publications section as they were not formal publications. These are:
IE/PUB/B/4 - Centenary events moved to IE/CEN - material relating to the IOE's Centenary in 2002
IE/PUB/F/2/2 - Computer Migration project (moved to this series - currently uncatalogued)
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