StorageSiteUCL Institute of Education
Reference Number IE/PUB/4/1
DescriptionThese began to be published for the whole of the 'wider Institute' in 1948. They generally included a calendar of meetings; lists of officers of the Institute, co-operating Local Education Authorities, teachers of the Institute and University representatives on the governing bodies of the constituent colleges; an entry for each constituent department and college of the Institute giving a brief history, an account of current activities and list of staff; information about the Students' Association, courses of study and facilities for practising teachers and Institute publications. Also included were an outline of the regulations for the different qualifications offered; the Scheme for the Institute; visitation arrangements; and the status and title of Lecturer of the Institute. In 1965 the handbooks were replaced by the calendars which contained similar information.
Extent17 volumes
ArrangementThe handbooks were originally catalogued at IE/PUB/C/3. In February 2014 the section was renumbered. Previous RefNos are recorded in the AltRefNo field.
URLDescriptionThe Handbooks and Calendars are now available online via our Digital Collections

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