StorageSiteUCL Institute of Education
Reference Number IE/PUB/4/3
TitleSupplements to the Handbooks and Calendars
DescriptionSeries of numbered booklets giving information on specific courses which appear to be supplements to sections in the handbooks and calendars from that period. They generally replicate information from the calendars with some additional information. The leaflets have been arranged by year but the Archive does not hold a complete set for each year. It does appear that new booklets were not published for every new academic year unless information relating to the different areas was changed. Also it appears that course numbers were not reallocated when a course was no longer held at the Institute.
ArrangementThe handbooks were originally catalogued at IE/PUB/C/3. In February 2014 the section was renumbered. Previous RefNos are recorded in the AltRefNo field. When the records were originally catalogued space was left for missing years (IE/PUB/C/7/1/21 (1976-1977) to IE/PUB/C/7/1/24 (1979-1980)). However these items were never found and may not have been created. They were removed from the list when the section was recatalogued.
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