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Reference Number IE/PUB/4
TitleHandbooks / Calendars / early publicity
DescriptionThe handbooks and calendars were pre-cursors to the prospectuses providing information on both the Wider and Central Institute.
The handbooks were published annually from 1948/9-1964/5 and the calendars 1965/6-1980/1.
They tend to include information on courses, constituent colleges, term dates, staff, committee membership, general activities of the Institute and regulations.

Supplementary leaflets on individual courses were also published. These have been catalogued at IE/PUB/4/3.

Prospectuses have been catalogued at IE/PUB/5.
ArrangementThe publications section was originally catalogued in 2007. In 2014 the whole section was recatalogued.
Handbooks were originally catalogued at IE/PUB/C/2
Calendars were originally catalogued at IE/PUB/C/3
Supplments to the handbooks and calendars were originally catalogued at IE/PUB/7/1

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URLDescriptionThe Handbooks and Calendars are now available online via our Digital Collections
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