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Reference Number MS ADD 426/B/36
Title"Stiles [W S] - Crawford"
DescriptionPhotocopied articles, annotated by Smith, comprising:

"Luminous Efficiency of Rays entering the Eye Pupil at Different Points" by W H Stiles and B H Crawford, in 'Nature', vol. 139, (6 February 1937);
"The directional sensitivity of the retina and the spectral sensitivities of the rods and cones" by W S Stiles, in 'Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series B', vol. 127, number 846, (1939);
"The Directional and Spectral Sensitivities of the Retinal Rods to Adapting Fields of Different Wave-Lengths" by Franoise Flamant and W S Stiles, in 'Journal of Physiology', vol. 107, (1948);
ms notes and figures by Smith on tracing paper;
part [pp.337-350] of "Colour change of monochromatic light with retinal angle of incidence" by J M Enoch and W S Stiles, in 'Optica Acta', vol. 8, issue 4, (1961).
Extent1 folder
AccessConditionsThe papers are available subject to the usual conditions of access to Archives and Manuscripts material, after the completion of a Reader's Undertaking.
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