StorageSiteUCL Special Collections
Reference Number MS LAT
TitleLatin Manuscripts
Date12th century - 19th century
DescriptionManuscripts in Latin. This is a collection of individual items that has been added to over many years; the items have different provenances and are grouped together because they share a common language. Some items have bookplates or inscriptions indicating that they belonged at some time to the Phillipps or Graves libraries, but they did not come to UCL as part of the main acquisition of those collections. See also MS PHILL, MS GRAVES.
Extent31 items
ArrangementArranged in order of receipt
AccessStatusCertain restrictions apply
AccessConditionsSome items are not available for consultation because they are awaiting conservation treatment; others are adamaged but may still be used if handled with care. See the descriptions of individual items for details of any access restrictions.
FindingAidsFor a list of manuscripts across the various collections, see: Dorothy Coveney, ‘Descriptive catalogue of manuscripts in the Library of University College’, (London, 1935). There is a reference copy of this list available at the Special Collections Reading Room. Many of our manuscripts are included in: N R Ker, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries / 1, London / by N. R. Ker. (Oxford: Clarendon, 1969). This includes the medieval items in the Ogden collection that Coveney’s list does not. A copy is held in Stores.
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