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Reference Number MS MOCATTA/77
TitleHermann Boerhaave, "Collegium publicum de lue veneria" MS
DescriptionBound manuscript copy of a medical text on the history, symptoms and treatment of veneral diseases by Dutch physician Hermann [Herman] Boerhaave. Titled "Collegium publicum de lue veneria", dated 19th September 1729, this is likely a copy of a lecture by Boerhaave for the group of medical teachers at the University of Leiden known as the "collegium practicum publicum" [later the collegium medico-practicum]. 91pp.

Incipit: "Lues Veneria est morbus singularis horrendis malis Corpus - afficiens, magis morte timenda..."

Text is similar but not identical to the publication: Boerhaave, Herman, 'Praelectiones academicae de lue venerea', Gottingen, 1751.
Extent1 volume
CustodialHistoryFormerly MS MOCATTA MISC Uncat and likely transferred from the Mocatta Library (subsequently the Jewish Studies Library) of University College London.
PublnNoteGerrit Arie Lindeboom (ed.), "Boerhaave and His Time", (Leiden: E J Brill, 1970); Boerhaave, Herman, 'Praelectiones academicae de lue venerea', Gottingen, 1751
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