StorageSiteUCL Institute of Neurology
Reference Number NHNN/A/11
TitleMiscellaneous subcommittees: minutes
DescriptionThese are now digitised. Includes minutes of Subcommittee appointed to consider the recent cases of sore throat in the Hospital, 1894; Drug Committee, 1894-1895; Subcommittee appointed to select a Secretary and to draft bye-laws defining the Secretary's duties, 1902; Dinner Committee, 1902, 1905; Incorporation Committee, 1903; Festival Dinner Committee, 1903; Commmittee appointed to consider the items of expenditure in the annual accounts under the heading of 'Surgery and Dipensary', 1903; Committee appointed to consider the question of the teaching of massage and electricity in the Hospital, 1903; Nervous Diseases Research Fund Commitee, 1904; Subcommitee to consider the applications for the post of Lady Superintendent, 1905; Pension Fund Committee, 1906; Jubilee Committee, 1907-1910; Building Committee, 1908-1909; Subcommittee to select a Senior Dispenser, 1909; Joint Committee of the Board and Honorary Medical Staff to consider arrangements for seeing Outpatients, 1912; Committee to consider the best method of dealing with difficulty arising from a larger number of outpatients presenting themselves than can be treated [etc], 1910-1912; conference of representatives of the Board of Management and Honorary Medical Staff to advise the Board as to conditions of treating insured persons, 1912; Committee on Nursing Administration, 1914; Committee appointed to consider the installation of new cooking apparatus, 1916-1917; Committee on Accommodation of Massage School, and report of Subcommitteee on 29 and 30 Queen Square, 1916; Voluntary Rationing, 1917; conference between the Board of Management and the Honorary Medical Staff on the subject of the treatment of discharged sailors and soldiers, 1918-1919; Committee of reference on the nursing home scheme and the future use of numbers 31 and 32 Queen Square, 1924; Diets Committee, 1925; Committee appointed to consider the applications for the post of matron, 1926; Committee appointed by the Board of Management to consider plans for future extensions with a view to deciding upon the possible use of the freehold sites at present available to the Hospital and in order to prepare a definite scheme in connection with which sums of money could be raised over and above those required for maintenance [etc], 1928-1930; Building Commitee, 1933-1934; conference concerning fees for anaesthetists, 1936; Nursing Committee, with Matron's report, and memorandum on nursing staff difficulties, 1937.

[Keywords: Electrical School, Massage School, 29 & 30 Queen Square, Jubilee 1909, Dinners]
Extent1 volume [Vol 140]
AccessConditionsThe papers are available subject to the usual conditions of access to Archives and Manuscripts material, after the completion of a Reader's Undertaking.
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