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Reference Number NHNN/FILM/1
TitleAudio-visual recordings from events
DescriptionVarious formats (reels, videos, tapes etc) of film and sound footage from events:
official opening of Rehabilitation Unit East Finchley 24th July 1967;
National Hospital Conference (No.1 Beginning), 22/06/1960;
National Hospital Conference (No.2 Beginning to end): 22/06/1960;
Service of Thanksgiving: ; Sunday 19th June 1960;
Visit of HRH Princess Alice: 26th June 1963;
Unveiling of portrait of Sir Francis Walshe: 10th June 1963;
The Gospels – A present from Elmhurst Ballet School, Camberley:
Panel Discussion Recording;
Hospitals Master tape – opening ceremony phase 1, 19/07/1978;
National Hospital Opening Ceremony, 19/07/1978: (x4) Queen Square House
lectures from 1952 neurology conference (transferred to VHS video tape- 1993). original cine-films transferred to MIU.
EGAZ MONIZ - - The life of Egaz Moniz of Portugal and his accomplishments in the field of neurology; his ideals and philosophies;
PARKINSON - - The life of Dr Parkinson shown through the filmograph technique using old drawings and wood cuts from the era in which he lived.
CHARCOT - A documentary of the life of Charcot filmed at the scenes of his childhood, his education and his greatest triumphs in Paris and in several French provinces.
CAJAL - - The life and work of Ramon Cajal.
Queen Square: a VHS video film for the NHDF written and directed by Mike Dineen. Converted to DVD. Features: John Young, Diana Princess of Wales, Sister Swan, Andrew Lees, Peter Gautier Smith, David Marsden, David McManus, David Miller, Ian MacDonald, Mark Noble, Anita Harding, Martin Rossor, Elizabeth Warrington, Philippa Bartlett, Linda Luxon, John Marshall, Richard Frackowiak, Leslie Iverson, Daniel Jeanmonod, David Thomas, Lyndsey Symon, Doreen Jewkes, Annette O’Hare, Mark Wiles
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