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Reference Number PEARSON/3
TitleLiterary and Scientific Work
DescriptionConsists of:
Karl Pearson's notes on literature, including early German literature
Karl Pearson's publications, privately circulated or now out of print
Papers relating to The Chances of Death and other Studies in Evolution by Karl Pearson
Papers relating to Die Fronica by Karl Pearson
Papers relating to The Grammar of Science, The Ethic of Freethought and National Life by Karl Pearson
Working papers on frequency curves, variability, correlation, evolution, epidemiology and contingency
Papers on Karl Pearson's astronomical work
Working papers on the resemblance of cousins
Karl Pearson's work on tuberculosis
Karl Pearson's work on the inheritance of diseases and insanity
Proofs of Pearson's articles in The New Statesman
Papers relating to Tables for Statisticians and Biometricians (London, 1914), of which Pearson was editor, 1910-1931
Papers relating to enquiry on albinism in man and animals
Papers on Various Statistical Problems including work on "Tables of the Gamma Function", and "Tables of the Beta Function"
Extent38 boxes, 1 outsize box, 2 volumes
ArrangementArranged chronologically according to subject.
AccessStatusCertain restrictions apply
AccessConditionsAccess to some of the material in this section is restricted or closed. See the description of each item for further information.
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