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Reference Number RAY/1/20
TitleEphemera: Booklets
Datec1948 - c1983
DescriptionBooklets to accompany Marian Ray's filmstrips. Contains the following:
Animal Breeding
Atomic Diagrams 1: The Hydrogen Atom
Atomic Diagrams 2: The Elements and the Periodic Table
Atomic Diagrams 3: Chemical Bonds Part I (Ionic Bond)
Atomic Diagrams 4: Chemic Bonds Part II (Covalent Bond)
Atomic Diagrams 5: Chemical Bonds Part III (Conclusion)
Atomic Diagrams 6: The Elements in Nature
Atomic Diagrams 7: Gas / Liquid / Solid Part I: States of Matter
Atomic Diagrams 8: Gas / Liquid / Solid Part II: Changes of State
Some Experimental Evidence for Atomic Structure
Avogadro's Number
The Blood
Buttercups and Daisies
Animal Coloration: Camouflage
Charles Darwin and the theory of Evolution by Natural Selection
The Circulation
Heredity Part I
Heredity Part II
The Evolution of the Horse: (Second edition)
Life and Death
Life in Ponds
The Microscope
Mixtures and Solutions
Mushrooms and Toadstools
The Conduction of the Nervous Impulse
The Pentadactyl Limb
The Phase Rule
Life History of the Puss Moth
The Reflex Arc and Nervous System
Seeds 1: Formation of Seeds
Seeds 2: Structure of Seeds
Seedtime and Harvest
Skeleton and Muscle
Soil 1: Rocks and Erosion
Soil 2: Plants and Decay
Soil 3: Soil Profiles and their Formation
Soil 4: Composition of Soil
Soil 5: Soil and Farming
Soil Filmstrip Index
Surface Phenomena

Also includes an example of the "Benham's Top" model supplied with "Sound and Light" filmstrip.
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