StorageSiteUCL Institute of Education
Reference Number SIM/1
TitleArticles, Reviews, Talks and Lectures
DescriptionComprises articles, reviews, speeches, lectures and talks largely written by Simon but including some by others. This is a broad series of papers which reflect Simon's work over a long period of time from his attendance at Cambridge University to post-retirement, including lectures and papers from his time at Leicester University. Most files have been listed to item level as they contain writings regarding various subjects from a number of sources.

In most instances the full printed text was retained by Simon. In other instances there are only rough handwritten notes - see file level descriptions for further details. There are further articles by Simon predominantly in the scrapbooks collated by Brian Simon at SIM/7, but also throughout the rest of the collection.

Some files which would have originally been part of this series were removed by Simon at a later date and used as part of his research for his autobiography. They can be found at SIM/4/5/1.
Extent10 boxes
ArrangementThis series was mostly organised and listed by Don Jones. There appears to be a number of Simon's own separate series of files within this series but they have been grouped together as they largely reflect the same types of papers.
The order of Jones' list has been altered where necessary to better reflect Simon's own order where this has been possible. AltRefNo1 relates to Simon's reference and AltRefNo2 relates to Don Jones' original reference.

Further relevant papers from the second accession have been added at the end of the series (SIM/1/55-SIM/1/74).

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