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TitleWorking Papers for Simon's publications
DescriptionComprises mostly research papers and draft texts regarding Simon's publications and much of the series relates to his work on his four volume history of education 'Studies in the History of Education' published between 1960 and 1991. The series was divided into five sections by Don Jones as follows:
SIM/4/1 - 'Studies in the History of Education 1780-1870', volume one (1960)
SIM/4/2 - 'Education and the Labour Movement 1870-1920', volume two (1965)
SIM/4/3 - 'The Politics of Educational Reform 1920-1940', volume three (1974)
SIM/4/4 - 'Education and the Social Order 1940-1990', volume four (1991)
SIM/4/m (now SIM/4/6) - Other publications

During cataloguing further series have been added as follows:
SIM/4/5 - 'A life in Education' (1998), Simon's autobiography
SIM/4/7 - National Union of Students, regarding Simon's research for a book on his work for the NUS, mostly relating to the events of 1940, that was never published
SIM/4/8 - 'Publishers', comprising correspondence with, and documentation from, Simon's publishers
SIM/4/9 - Bibliographies

The papers in SIM/4/4 contain a number of files regarding Simon's own work, mostly on comprehensive education during the 1960s. These papers were moved to this series by Simon when he was completing his research for 'Education and the Social Order'.

In addition papers in SIM/4/5 relating to Simon's autobiography contain a lot of material regarding his personal life, particularly from his time at Gresham's School Holt, through to his service during the Second World War. These papers were collated by Simon during his research for, and writing of, his autobiography. Further papers relating to his personal life can be found at SIM/5.
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