StorageSiteUCL Institute of Education
Reference Number WEF/A
TitleRecords of the World Education Fellowship Deposited in 1973
DescriptionRecords of the International headquarters which were initially deposited by the WEF in 1973, including headquarters papers, 1921-1973; sections papers, 1932-1973; conference papers, 1927-1972; papers regarding projects, 1942-1968; papers regarding the Fellowships’ relationship with UNESCO, 1946-1973; audio recording, 1960-1971; Headquarters' publications and pamphlets, 1920-1964; and the headquarters library, 1923-1964.
Extent43 boxes
ArrangementThe files appear to have been arranged following the filing system of Yvonne Moyse, the Secretary of the Fellowship, 1962-1973. When the files were initially catalogued in 1973 the were give sequential file numbers and the series structure was added later. During a audit of the collection in Dec 2008, the ‘A’ level was added to the reference numbers so additional deposited could be easily catalogued.
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